Monday, March 16, 2009

Ticket Giveaway: The Mountain Goats @ 6th and I

This post was written by TNG co-founder Zack.

Every blogger crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed goat...

Lets just make this short and sweet, like a candy-coated toddler: This Saturday, March, 21, quiet folk-rock outfit The Mountain Goats will be playing at the Historic 6th and I Synagogue with John Vanderslice. I don't know much about The Mountain Goats myself, but there are many out there that treat them like the guitar playing second coming of Jesus and Joan Baez's musically gifted son. That's saying something.

To win a pair of tickets, simply answer the below question as both a comment and an email to Contest closes on Wednesday at noon. Most creative or bizarre answer wins:

We're all familiar with terms like "steady as a mountain goat" or "slippery as an eel." What analogy would you use to describe yourself akin to an animal? Are you as industrious as an ant? As squawky as a seagull? Surely you can give better examples than the ones I just gave...

While you're at it, check out a Mountain Goats playlist below the fold:

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Leah said...

As misunderstood as a dingo.

Alex G said...

I'm fly like an eagle